Friday, September 7, 2007

Wednesday's Binge

Our young granddaughter came to our city Wednesday to take a job-related training course. Her little girl had her first birthday August 31. We were away on vacation that day. I forgot to enter it in "Life Balance" (where I keep track of my whole life) and am still blushed and flushed that we forgot that very important date. (It's awful having a foggy, fading brain.)

Anyway, Stephie called to say her course was over at 3:00 or so, and we planned an early supper together. I'd cut out part of the bonnet on Tuesday, but that was it... so I spent most of Wednesday making this little dress and the "Little House on the Prairie" bonnet that Stephie wanted. I finished just as she phoned for directions.

She loved it, was ecstatic in fact. I had a blast... haven't made a child's outfit for about ten years. Such fun!

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sewkalico said...

It's very cute indeed. I would like to make my kids some clothes, but I just can't seem to find the time unless I give up quiltling LOL