Thursday, September 20, 2007

It's Better to Aim for the Stars...

The rest of that line is. . . "and hit the woodpile, that to aim for the woodpile and hit your foot."

Log cabin blocks, for some reason, always make me think of a woodpile, and when I quilted this one with stars, the name seemed logical. (Of course, who needs to be logical?)

This was only a sampler. In our Dear Jane group, the facilitator planned to show us how to do scallop bindings. We had to bring a sandwich to practice on, so I figured I might as well make something. With no time to do it, I whipped out some leftover strips and made this odd log cabin block, set it on a piece of black that didn't seem to have much going for it, and quilted it with wavy lines and stars. I used a twin needle for some of the wavy lines and the stars were simply done free form, without any marking on the fabric.

The curved scallop was much easier than I expected. The key is to sew the binding on marked curves before trimming off the excess, in this case, about 3-4 inches of fabric/sandwich/backing. Also, the binding needs to be stretched on the inside of the curve, stopping with the needle down in the point.

After the binding was sewn on the right side, we trimmed the seam allowance, clipped it in the corners, and turned it to the back. Notice, the binding is also very narrow. I can't remember but think it was 1.75" folded double, and cut on the bias, of course.

The quilt was finished with a sleeve and I thought the whole effort would be rather useless other learning a technique, but I just re-decorated a small bathroom and used black and red as accents. This 32.75" x 33.5" practice piece is absolutely perfect on the wall (or as perfect as a practice sampler can be).

You never know what might come out of a simple exercise session...

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