Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Mystery Quilt - Part 2

Last night was the last class for the Mystery Quilt. We sewed steps 6 - 9, but of course didn't complete all of them, only enough to see what our quilt is going to look like.

I'll keep you dangling for awhile. The photo shows the next steps. The 4-patch blocks had a rectangle sewn to one side, then a rectangle and square (from a strip pieced set) sewn to the other side. The hour-glass had two squares sewn to two corners to make the V-shaped block as in the photo.

We each did enough to put together one block. It also require sashing, so when I get the sashing done, I will post the block... unless of course someone wants the directions and do this mystery, and not see the end result until they are done. If so, say so, and I'll post them in order.

I'm happy. My mother-in-law will love this one!

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