Thursday, February 14, 2008

Taming my wild animals

Every now and then I feel like I'm living in a fabric zoo and all the animals have burst out of their cages and are wandering around creating havoc in my house and interfering with my best-laid plans!

Yesterday, after several hours of hard work and even more difficult decisions, the animals are back in their cages, with labels. Well, most of them. I moved all my finished tops to one shelf, my PhDs to two more shelves (PhDs are Projects Half Done), and put those in the planning stages (fabrics, sketches or patterns, kits, etc.) in three rolling shelf units tucked under the extension leg of my computer desk. I've got my current project on the design wall and in a large drawer labeled 'current project.'

The only critter still roaming are some fabrics in six piles on a small sofa. I'm trying to decide which color combination to use for a "Double Irish Chain" -- the pattern I selected for my mother-in-law. She has beige and pale green in her bedroom. I've not seen it yet, but my husband says it is very blah. So I've laid out a green/beige combo and a burgundy/beige combo. I'm tending toward the burgundy because the fabrics are livelier and she likes that color. Anyway, this wild one is behaving for the moment, mostly because we seldom sit on that sofa! When anyone needs it, I will have to crack my whip again!

So those zoo animals are under control, but there are still a few of the paper kind sprawling on my desk when they should be rounded up and put into their places. Biggest problem is figuring out which critter goes where... and the next issue is that they seem to multiply in the dark when I'm not looking. Has anyone invented birth control pills for paper? This would make millions.

In the meantime, while I'm in the mood, I must remember where I put that whip...

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