Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Kaleidoscope 2 - Day 3

Last night I was able to add another unit to each of these two kaleidoscope quilts. While I was having a great time with my own quilts, the others in the room were enjoying themselves even more. Three of them are experienced quilters. One had never sewn before, never mind made a quilt.

I will post all their efforts when they are finished, but have to show off this beginner's work. She has three of the units pinned in place (on a piece of flannel so she could roll it up and take it home). Her fabrics make this one look like a piece of jewelry!

I'm hoping to finish mine this week. My next task is to make another strata, because my next unit is a bit larger than the others and I could not get two sets out of the one piece of strata. Ho hum stuff, but putting the pieces on the wall is exciting!

This one is Jen's quilt. Remember, ignore the pins. When sewn together, these will look even better. Jen calls her quilt "funky" but the rest of us called it an incredible first attempt!

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