Saturday, February 9, 2008

Bucket Bag

After an intensive class in Canmore, an intensive week of unexpected events, and two relatives asking me to make them quilts, it feels really good to complete something, even if it is small.

This one is called a "Bucket Bag" and was easy and fun to make. The pattern came from J's Quilting blog, found after seeing one like it on Wanda's blog (she is a wonderful exuberant quilter), and the fabrics were part of a 3" charm package that I bought at Hancocks online. The pattern called for smaller squares, but I used them as is and got a nice sized bag.

It looks good against this large print of an ocean vista, so maybe I should have lined it with something water-resistant --- thus a good beach bag. But I live far, far from a beach, and right now it is -30 C. Yikes.

However, the sun is shining, and if I really use my imagination, and just squint my eyes a wee bit, all that snow could look like white sand...

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Exuberant Color said...

Ah, an instant gratification project. We all need those! The great thing is that bag could be made with any size squares. It was -2F here this morning.