Saturday, June 10, 2023

This one is for QofV










I finished this quilt last week. It was quick and easy, a simple log cabin. It will go to Canadian Quilts of Valour next week at our Guild Sew Day. The leader takes donations to each charity. This group will take tops to finished quilts. If they come in unfinished, they are sandwiched and quilted, bound, labeled or whatever is needed. The Guild gives away more than 200 quilts a year. They will put a label on this one.

Size: 60.5" x 81"
Panto: Leafarama
Thread: Glide "Yellow Whisper"

Then I did a quick sew for this June window quilt. It was done in a day and is hanging until the end of the month. June Birds is 20.25 x26.75 and totally made up with a little help from a couple of bird books. It isn't much, but will be viewed from the sidewalk outside our yard, about 30 feet away! 😀

Our Guild show was last weekend, one of the best shows ever! I have no pictures but eventually the posting for the show will be on the website. More than 200 entries, fine workmanship with the difficult decision of voting for Viewers' Choice. It took me hours to decide and I could have marked my ticket with almost any number. 

Now I'm tackling a box of scraps. It was labeled "BROWN" but anything close got tossed in, like orange or yellow with a bit of brown (or not), taupe, and tans and a few strays in other colors. I started making 6.5" slabs, then strip blocks the same size, a few pieces big enough for plain blocks that size, and am at nearly 100 of them. There is a plan in mind, but we will see what happens on the design wall. Hard to believe what can be done with a box only 12 x 12 x 17. It was stuffed, now empty with a few strips hanging on my longarm. This is (almost) mindless sewing and very relaxing.

We did get a good rain that settled the smoke and some of the fires. It is still dry and smokey a bit again this week, with more rain needed. Many people lost everything and our guild is now making quilts for them also.

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