Friday, March 3, 2023

The latest quilt

 A photo was sent to me from a young lady who is part of a refugee family. I'd offered to make each of them a quilt and she sent her favorite. I rather think she likes it because it reminds her of the ocean and beach.

Anyway, this is on the design wall. The bottom two rows are sewn together, the rest waiting to be stitched. 

It was so much fun to make. I had all the colors in my stash. The pattern is "Seaside Park" by Villa Rosa Designs. 

I reversed the angle so it does not draw the eye down and out the bottom right corner, made the blocks bigger (original 5.5" and mine finish to 6") which changed the size to 65" x 77" (with a border) instead of 55" x 66", which is better for a twin bed. 

I also changed the colors... the pattern was a rainbow, but these colors are more like the photo she sent me... beach with sand and the waves coming in. I have not come up with a name for it yet.

This pattern is easy. I might make a smaller version (or two) for crib quilts.

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