Sunday, November 20, 2022

No post this week...

 Don't know where or when or from whom, but I was given the Covid virus this week. Mostly like a severe cold (without a runny nose) combined with a massive dose of sleeping pills, so at this point, I am sleeping lots. My hubby is taking good care of me yet keeping distance and we are both hoping he stays well.

I have nothing sewn to show or tell except I had one lovely dream about designing patchwork. Also missed the trip to the coast to deliver my GD's quilt. We were both disappointed that this will now have to wait until a later time. 

Oh, I have about 36 scrappy blocks in light & medium blues, all 8.5 inches. Six more set out to sew and then need to figure out a layout. Have a nice yardage for sashing if I decide to use it. And that just about empties the blue scrap bin (other than the darks, but they are cut into squares, so next on the list.

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