Thursday, July 14, 2022

Longarm Ruler and Two on the go...

 I had (note past tense) a great batch of old-fashioned flowery scraps, small flowers, not the greatest to go with anything. However, I decided to use them up. I made as many HST as I could in the following sizes (finished) 2" - 3" - 4" - 6" making 8 at a time if possible. I wound up with a large pile. The leftovers were cut into squares in the same sizes, and the narrow pieces became piano keys. The design wall became a puzzle board and starting with a square, I built a design that balanced, at least most of it, and used up all that pile! Some will be on the back because the backing fabric (also flowers) is a tad short. The leftovers filled that space. It turned out about 70" square and is ready for the longarm. Those who have seen it, love it. Even hubby. Yikes, this feels good. Photo soon. 

Also, Jessica's quilt is on the longarm and I cannot show it yet --- it is a gift. We plan on delivering it in a couple weeks.

However, I'm doing some in the ditch quilting and thought I should put you on to a ruler that makes this incredibly easy. Best ruler I have for many uses. I got it from Judy Madson. LINK HERE and it is on sale right now. IF you longarm and avoid ditch work, this will change your mind! It has a nifty handle and great markings. See the photo.


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