Tuesday, May 17, 2022

 Yes, I have not been posting much, but finished four quilts last week, so that might explain it. On a whirl... use all that fabric before I die? something like that. Here are some pictures. All of them are going to charity or have already gone:

Purple Patches, a lap size leaving me with only a little bit of purple scraps. It is 50" x 50"








Count the Kittens, leftovers from Jessica's Heart (which is not finished yet. The top is done but not sandwiched etc.) This was fun to put together. I had lots of the little squares that did not fit in the bigger quilt and a few odd shapes. Added only the sashing and some of it also came from Jessica's quilt.

The smaller one is a close-up of the cats and it is a child's size. Lots of fun and no cat fabric left...none! But I do have more leftovers from that bigger quilt so will be making more this size from them.









Below is Purple Squares in Squares. I published it before but the color was awful. Someone else took this picture and it is much better. It is a twin-size. Hopefully, someone will like purple!

This is the back of the one above. I used almost all my scraps and this is lots more fun than piecing or using a wider fabric for the back.

This is called Busting the Blues. It is also a twin-size. I had enough blue left to make a lap quilt. I'll load it on the longarm this afternoon. The color is not really true in this picture. I need an outdoor space to take photos!

Speaking of outdoors, I planted 3 big planters with new flowers and added to the soil from the few others that survived over winter in our garage... and on the same day took my hubby to the local air museum to celebrate our anniversary (51). He is an airplane nut, and I am not, but it was our first-time there and we were both impressed. Very interesting history in our city. His gift to me was the week before -- to our city's new library -- also amazing!

Hubby is on a business trip so I am purging closets and other spaces. Feels good. We have a city recycle place that takes everything but books and electronics. People go there for craft stuff, etc. I just found out that they welcome batting bits and narrow strips etc. that we quilters often don't know what to do with. My big bag is already packed full for a trip there in a day or two.

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