Monday, February 15, 2021

Sample nearly done

This is my sample for the next pattern that will go on Etsy -- as soon as the pattern is written. There is more quilting to do in the V-shape at the bottom and the light was awful when taking this picture. Hopefully good daylight will show it off better. The fabrics look much nicer in real life.

The pattern will be fun for creative people as I've included various color schemes to spark unique ways to make this one. Besides that, it lends itself well to embelishments such as beads, lace, crazy patterned fabric and so on. I rather like this dark version, more of a Silent Night feel, but since it is not realistic but stylized, it can have sky fabric or an ombre for the sky or palm trees instead of no-name trees. Also, light in the windows, etc.

Just one color option of several

I made a few mistakes in the sample and will just point out one of them... Joseph is leaning backwards. This will be noted as a "watch out that you don't do it too" in the pattern.


Elaine Adair said...

Lovely Elsie. Joseph is probably aghast at this impressive moment, and catching his breath, not leaning.

Elsie Montgomery said...

Oh Elaine, I daresay you are right! He should be gasping, if not at the birth, at who was born!!