Monday, January 11, 2021

Slow Progress

Slow progress in lots of things -- including blog posts about quilting. I am making a new pattern to put on Etsy page, so that is taking time and now about 1/8 done the piecing for the sample top necessary to sell the pattern. It is giving me joy but sorry, can't take photos until it is finished. 

As for other things, was involved in a quilt challenge where "clues" come every month and it also is avoiding a camera until it is finished because it is a competition piece. Fun, but so crazy that it will be a hoot to see what everyone else is doing.

In the meantime, ideas and squirrels keep running through my head but the days are not long enough! I did have a rough time of grief regarding my grand nephew, not so much for him as he is with Jesus and how can I grieve that! But for the family and others. Also, some of my family had Covid, not serious, but still robbing energy. My hubby came down with a mild case of Shingles just after Christmas. He had the vaccination a couple years ago which helped, and he never complains, but I still feel some stress for him. 

Then there is all the negative news, both in USA and other parts of the world. Some days I've felt like staying home, turning off the TV and reading happy-ending fiction! But am thankful for the joy of the Lord that does not depend on circumstances. He keeps reminding me that He is in charge and all this is not a surprise or out of His sovereign power.

That all said, quilts are in the head and heart and will be on these pages before too much longer.

blessings to everyone!


Quiltdivajulie said...

Blessings back to you. I have been avoiding the news as best I can and spending my time with fabric instead. Much calmer, even with all the squirrels dancing about.

Elaine Adair said...

Keep your brain full of beautiful fabric, lovely patterns, and pleasurable soft comfort. Don't allow any space for the horrid news that makes $$$ from negatives and our distress. Make space for only positive. By the time you are stronger, some of that negative news will be gone, altho new junk will fill its space. ... I think my attitude is hiding my head under my quilts.

Thinking of you.

Elsie Montgomery said...

Thanks to both of you for encouraging advice. Today, one of my cousins lost her son to COVID. Not good news. He was vulnerable with lung issues from childhood when he drowned and was brought back... a miracle at the time. It would be wonderful to hug his mom and dad without someone having a fit. I am into fabric and lovely ideas which as you say helps immensely.