Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Dachsunds and a New Pattern

So slow. With this isolation I have time to quilt more, but lots of other things come along. Anyway, I can post three photos today... the first is the front end of the purple dog in "Who Let the Dogs Out?" which has been fun but the quilting is challenging. It is a panto but not wanting dog prints on the dogs gave me 'paws' as how to do it... (Sorry, shadows on this photo and fuzzy, a better one when it is finished.)

To be able to sew the background quilting around the dogs, I made two stencils that can be flipped and repositioned on the pantograph so I know where not to stitch. SLOW but it is working. This is the back end of that purple dog that is not in the shade, so you can see the paw prints. There are four more dogs, a red, blue, yellow and green. I see that the tension in the green one was not right, so may have to rip/redo that one. Otherwise, just a couple more rows and that part will be done.

This is the other project taking time. My nativity pattern on Etsy has sold well, both hard copy and digital. However, the hard copies are nearly all gone. They are expensive to print in small batches and I am not sure a large batch would eventually sell. SO I decided to let them run out and just keep the digital version available. 

Then, through a misunderstanding about my copyright (both on my part and the copyright holder) I am able to do another Nativity pattern, like the first only different. It is easier in some ways and has lots of room for creative variety in fabric choices. It is mostly a stained glass look but there are sections that are not. My sample will be about 40" wide. I'm still tracing the pattern on fusible and cutting out the pieces. The background will be medium/dark gray. Here is a shot of the template to show where the pieces go. I'll keep posting progress on this one.

I hope all are staying safe and sound. Here in Alberta we are in lockdown except for gas, groceries, most other shopping, and church (now deemed an essential service here). No social gatherings and no home dinners/parties except with the people who already live in your house. Masks are mandatory everywhere public with fines for not wearing them. We ordered some of those made in Israel from a USA company. They were here in 4-5 days and we noticed immediately that the air when wearing them seems like we are in the mountains -- fresh! They are NOT cheap though!

Keep quilting and it also helps isolation to be thankful and pray about the needs of others, giving them a call now and then!

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Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Your doggie quilt looks most interesting. And I do love the paw print quilting around the doggie.