Thursday, September 24, 2020

Pretty Pink Papilionini


I may have the Latin name wrong, but it sounds good and begins with P --- and this one is finally finished, labeled and ready to go to a good home. I'd thought I'd keep it but have nothing pink in my house except a small bit of leftover scraps. Also, when

I realized I liked the label as much as the quilt, that seemed a good reason to find a lover of pink. It is 58.5" x 64" and quilted with a Panto called "Fanciful Flyers" in the middle. I made up the border which doesn't show up with the pink variegated thread, but it was fun. Now on to the next one...


Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

It has the appearance of being pink confetti, scattered in random values over the surface. I can see a little aspiring ballerina dressed in a pink tutu hugging it.

Elsie Montgomery said...

One person left a comment and a question. The comment is removed because it had a link to an unrelated page not about quilting.

The question asked if this quilt is on my Etsy page. Not yet. I've not had too much response to selling quilts and this is not my reason for making them anyway. If someone is really interested, I might consider it, but otherwise am waiting on the Lord to show me where each one should go or have a recipient in mind at the time a quilt is created. :-)