Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Purple Heart - finished!

A bit of dismay that I've not posted for nearly a month. However, I have quilted nearly every day. Just slow.

This one is finished. I used up almost all the purple I had in a scrap bin plus a bit of yardage. As you can see, some of that went on the back. For those who don't like slab quilts, this one is nicer in person. I quilted it with a panto called "Featheration" seen in the lower picture.

It is 61 x 77" and will go to Quilts of Valour (the u means the Canadian version).

I've also made another from the scraps leftover from the larger pink one (see last post) that is not quilted yet. It is smaller, roughly log cabin/slab squares at 6" plus an odd layout. Instead of a binding, I'm facing it, so no photo yet. It is nearly finished. 

We had a heat wave here for a few days, 31C which broke records in our part of the world. So glad for AC! We also looked at show homes for the fun of it including a hospital lottery grand prize. Lovely. Every year there are several of them used as fund-raisers for local hospitals, one for sports. They each bring in about two million or more above all the prizes. This house is large and well-designed. This one has large rooms but it isn't as pretty on the outside as the first one. A few more have already had their draws. When we walk through, I'm always thinking, "Where would I put my longarm?" Winning would certainly make life complicated. They have restrictions on win/sell right away, and the taxes on these big houses is insane.

Back to the sewing machine...


Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Wow! Dashing colours. Thanks for the close up shot -- it really is quite lovely.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

That first house is an amazing one. They always have some features I would love but can you imagine cleaning a house that size?

I didn't know if you had the excessive heat up there. We have a heat wave coming here starting this weekend and staying for a week. It is coming from the southwest which is broiling right now. It has been nice to have almost a week of cool low humidity days. We have a had a record hot summer.

Elsie Montgomery said...

Thanks Brenda. I'm not a 'purple' lover, so wonder how I managed to get so many purple scraps. :-)

And yes, Wanda, we did get a heat wave. Rained tonight so that cooled things down. Also filled my rain containers so now have more to put on the potted plants under the eaves. They and the tomatoes really like that, and my indoor plants!

As for that house, I guess if a person won it, they would need the cash that goes with the house to hire a cleaning lady! Yikes, getting up and down the stairs could make a person old before their time! Fun to look though.

Elaine Adair said...

Hi Elsie - wow, I love both the purple and the pink quilt. One is bold and "out loud" the other is soft and almost romantic! Good you see you working at this crazy passion!