Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Progress and another new project

I'm binding Scott's king-size, still trying to figure out what to call it and make a label. 

 In the meantime, I started this one. It is from a pattern by Sarah Ruiz called "Pathfinder." Her version is in solids, very modern layout. I decided to use up blue prints in mostly lights/darks. This is a night photo without a flash - not good for getting true color!

The size was larger than I wanted so dropped a few blocks and changed the layout. It is on my design wall, not yet certain about the layout so it is not stitched. I'm thinking it needs a gentle border too, perhaps 2" or so, but will have to scrounge to find the fabric. These blocks used up almost all of it.

One other thing: I decided to put all the quilts I've ever made unto other pages so have made a start. Click "Gallery" to see the first few dozen. It is fun to revisit them.


Elaine Adair said...

Very fresh and pretty. Hope I have not missed the big reveal on your son's quilt. I'm going to search and see. Elaine Adair

Elsie Montgomery said...

No, it is still not finished. Only a few more miles of binding to go. Then I will baste a piece to the top so we can clip it to an I-beam in our church to take pictures.
I get tired of working on it and make something else as a diversion. Just finished quilting a couple of baby quilts.

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