Friday, May 12, 2017

Fabric shopping? I don't think so!

We are enjoying a short vacation in Tuscany. While in Florence, it seemed a good idea to look up fabric shops. In this wonderful city, we found a few that were close by so stopped in...

Image result for casa dei tessuti firenze

You can tell by this picture that this is a posh store. I found the cottons - the lowest price was 38 Euros per meter, or about $60. Nope, not buying that, and it was very light weight, almost sheer.

We moved on. A clerk was sorting small bolts on a table. One was fine mesh like organza with colorful embroidery, very beautiful. He didn't want me to touch it... it was 600 Euros a meter (yes, you read that correctly). We looked around the store. Shirting was about €80 (one zero) but we found some lacy stuff that was €800, which is roughly $1200 a meter, more than that if measured in yards.

Obviously, finding quilters in Tuscany might be a problem... but there is scads of inspiration, not so much in the fabric store but in the centuries old buildings and their ornamentation. I am taking pictures!


Anonymous said...

A metre is 39.47 inches, so a yard would be a bit less in cost, but REALLY? Glad you didn't buy anything at that price!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Sometimes inhaling the colors is enough!

Elsie Montgomery said...

Oh yes, Anonymous is correct. Yards are less than metres (I live in Canada and always buy fabric in metres). I was so tired when making that post that my head was working backwards.

And yes, Julie, the colors -- so lovely! We are now in Prato which is a textile city, so who knows what we can find here!