Monday, January 23, 2017

Cobblestone Lane on the longarm

Finally Cobblestone Lane is on the longarm. I'm still not sure of how to quilt all the parts, but so far have used in-ditch, 1/4" parallel lines, and some curves.

That cord has children's scissors attached. I put them around my neck when at work. Some use an apron with pockets for their various tools, but this works better for me. The thing that isn't working is my body -- doing ruler work makes my shoulders sore -- at least until I remembered to put some tape on them so they don't slide as easily.


Quiltdivajulie said...

Not sure when you did it, but I really like the new look of your blog! I use rulers sometimes (preferably not) and I tend to concentrate so hard that I get stiffer than I like. Gorgeous quilt you are working on!

Wonky Girl said...

What a pretty quilt. I'm new to my LA, always looking for tips. No slip tape for rulers is a great idea. Hope to see more photos of your quilt as you work on it. :-)