Friday, October 14, 2016

"Never Again"

This quilt is only 36.5" x 40.75" and I cannot imagine ever making a bed quilt with 2 inch 1/2 square triangles! I'd be in a white jacket without sleeves long before it was done! Even though making them with "Thangles" was easy, I'd rather applique a zillion pieces than sew these little squares together.

Strangely enough, doing the intricate quilting was fun! I was terrified to start, had no idea what it needed, but made it up as I went along. This was on my Handiquilter Avante. It took about 5-6 hours to do the quilting... but not all at once. Lots of thinking in between. Since this was my first attempt to use rulers with micro-quilting, I should get faster with more practice?? I hope so!

I didn't have a ruler for the trio shapes along the bottom in the photo, so my hubby cut one from a piece of plexiglass. It was not easy, so he won't be going into the ruler business any time soon! But he is asking me what shape to make next!