Wednesday, March 2, 2016

"Boston" place mat

This year I gave numbers to 12 projects or ideas for projects, one to work on each month. My DH was going to pick one number each month and I'd finish it or at least make some progress. 

Well, January was a bust. My hubby is doing well after weeks of being very ill. Thanks to those who prayed. However, he did pick a number at the end of the month instead of Jan 1. It matched a project idea that I had called "skyscrapers." Since Feb is a short month, I opted to try the idea on place mats.

The pattern was easy. I selected four cities and made the first one using plain black and some sky fabric. It was not difficult or time-consuming, but after one, I decided I'm not a place mat person. Washing and ironing? No thanks!

So this is the sample. Wish I'd made my home city, but maybe someone in Boston would like this little experiment. It is 13" x 18" and could even be a wall hanging.

The number for March matches a sampler in blue and beige. I've a few blocks done and ideas and fabric for more... so better get busy.

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