Thursday, December 17, 2015

"You Shall Call His Name Jesus"

This 'sample' is finally finished, well almost...

The label is made, ready to sew in place. Everything else is done except writing out instructions for the pattern, and getting the pattern printed and into envelopes ready to mail. I've not set a price for the pattern, but have had a few orders from people who have not seen the quilt!

But it is only a week until Christmas and there are many other things to do. So for the next week, enjoy decorating, shopping, wrapping, singing, baking, visiting with family and friends, and all the delights of Christmas!


Nana said...

Wow, wow, wow.... what a wonderful quilt!!!!!

Maybe you´ll have an digital version of instruction too, so it can be easily mailed to Germany straight into my hands!!!!

Nana said...

Thanks, Elsie! I waited for the finish. That's really very symbolic that you completed it before Christmas. It's very lovely. Enjoy the day in the name of Jesus.
Sophie Walt