Monday, April 6, 2015

HQ Avante -- it works

Finally got this new quilt machine set up. It took my hubby and I three days of being able to work on it only during our spare time. However, I know now why the dealer wanted mega-bucks to come and do it for me. 

BUT it is up, level, solid as can be, and I just had to try it... with something quick and easy. I dug into my piles of this and that and found a panel, loaded it using leader grips, and put the only panto I had that would be suitable (I have no kid-pantos) and did it, in a couple of hours or less. I think I am in love. Anyone looking for a longarm needs to check out this machine. 

Sorry, the photo isn't the best -- it is hanging crooked and I'm always in a hurry. BUT in only needs a label and a binding to be finished. This is the quickest wall hanging ever. Now... onward to bigger and better things!

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