Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Eighteen blocks finished

Progress on this hobbit/Lord of the Rings quilt is slow as I am still taking a degree program online and putting most of my time into that. However, this foundation paper-piecing is fun and easy to put-down, pick-up. 

Here are the 18 blocks on the design wall, in no particular order. Note that some of them are bigger than the 7.5 size. Also, I didn't like three of them, so redid them. One is the prancing pony. I checked it out online and realized I should have done that first with all three. This one is the sign for a pub named The Prancing Pony... and the sign was green with a white horse. 

The hobbit home and the beer mug had the same values all over and were hard to identify. As for that white tree, there was no way I was going to do it at 7"!

The next photo shows the top of my work table with the next block about half finished. It is handy to my desk so easy to just stop reading and writing and go sew.

The photo below it is my folding table loaded with bits and pieces of the colors that are being used. Not sure what I'll pick for the sashing and borders, but there is lots of time for that. 

The pattern calls for 29 blocks, but with the resizing, it may need some more to make it work out. I'm still not sure what size either, but it looks like it might be a queen. 

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