Thursday, December 13, 2012

Progress on Japanese quilt

Life keeps interrupting my other plans, but there is progress in the sewing room! This top is ready to quilt. The backing and batting are also cut to size and ready. I'm practicing a panto for the main part and have to find a border and figure out what to do in the kimono, likely follow one of the designs in the fabric. 

I've also decided to quilt the background, then sew on the crests. It seems easier that way rather than trying to stitch the design up to the circles and keep the pattern straight. The photo shows a side view where I've placed them and marked the spots with chalk. Oh, how it hurts the knees to work on the floor, now that I don't have a ping pong table that will hold it. (We sold our house and left the pool/ping pong table for the new owners.)

I procrastinated working on this project for a long time, fearful I couldn't quilt it properly and not wanting to send it out ($$$), but dear Lisa encouraged me to practice using a panto. I'm a "scribble" quilter and love to make it up as I go, but wanted this one to be more precise. Amazing how practice makes it easier, and thankful for the confidence Lisa has in me.

One of my other blogs gets a new post every day. Is that my excuse for not posting here more often? Or is it because if I have to pick quilting or blogging --- well that's an easy answer. But I am reading others...


SeeingStars said...

The black/red/gold is striking. This one is really neat. Which panto have you chosen? Something Asian?
Looking forward to seeing it quilted.
- Kim / SeeingStars

jovaliquilts said...

Really has an impact. I like it!

Nina Marie said...

I just found your blog and find your work lovely. I find the relationship between the red and black in this piece super interesting - I would like to invite you to link up with Off the Wall Friday - a linky party for art quilters. We've found it encouraging, motivating and inspiring! Join any week you have something to share!