Saturday, June 25, 2011

Celtic Table Runner

My Internet is out. Canada Post is on strike. I am isolated from the world! Aghhhhhhhhh! So I am taking a Quilt University class and making a table runner that requires hand stitching and relaxing. It is not finished, but coming along. 

I'm also nearly finished a Ricky Tims Rhapsody quilt that is a gift, so picture coming as soon as the person receives the quilt. 

At least I can come to our library, five minutes from home, and use free Wi-fi. Also, amazing how much a person can get done when there is no procrastinating online, reading email, and checking out facebook. But I am reading the blogs that I love...!

1 comment:

Elaine Adair said...

OMGosh! - this could be a real detriment to your big pleasure of blogging!!! But you have already found a workaround - LOL

Hang in there! 8-))