Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tucson Quilt Show

I took a lot of photos, bought the DVD, and had trouble deciding what to post. These are some of my favorites, for various reasons. Some for the color, some for the quilting. Some are large, some are miniatures. Most of these won a ribbon. For a few, I included a close up after the bigger view. The last one is the best of show. Enjoy!

I had several more to add, but took them sideways on my camera, rotated them the right way, and blogger loaded them sideways. Any tips to make that work?


SandyQuilts said...


I personally don't upload using blogger for my photos. I load everything to my webshots account and then use their link it function.

BUT many people use Windows Live Writer to post their windows/posts.

I assume you know at some point you'll run out of 'photo space' on blogger. Then you'll either have to delete some photos or buy space. Another reason why I use my webshots account.

Good luck.

Elizabeth of Online Fabric Store said...

Enjoyed the photos.

ButtonMad said...

Some unbelievable quilts you have pictured here. Very inspiring. I like your little birds in your spring quilt...