Sunday, August 15, 2010

Progress report day 6

The five-day class ended Friday. I did a bit of filing in on Saturday. This is still in pieces pinned to the wall. There are two copies of the pattern; one on the design wall, and one made of freezer paper that is cut up. Those pieces are pressed to the back of carefully selected fabrics (some need to be changed - not so carefully selected) and pinned to the pattern.

It still looks pretty messy, but the tree shows nicely. The second photo is a close up. I will be taking a few pieces off and dividing them so I can add something in the middle to break it up. (Like drooping branches going into the grass in the detail photo below, just to the right of center.)

This one has been a huge amount of work, but also tremendously satisfying. I didn't have a clue Monday how to draw it, Tuesday how to make the drawing into a pattern, Wednesday what it would even look like. But by Thursday the vision crept into the back of my head. Now I'm excited to sew it together... but first some rogue pieces need to be replaced, and I don't like the sky in the upper right. This will be 35" x 48" or thereabouts.


Margo in Maine said...

All I can say is 'Gorgeous'!!!

Elsie Montgomery said...

My goal - that it looks like a bird can fly through it! Thanks, Margo.

TB said...

The tree looks really good--so realiztic. I hope that you're having fun with it.