Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Blessed by friends!

This is embarrassing. In March (yes, March) Julie celebrated her 300th post and offered a couple of books. I was a winner and so surprised. The parcel arrived a few weeks ago, but not just the book. She send more goodies, such a sweetie. While I thanked her privately, I wanted to do it publicly. I guess late is better than not at all. Thank you, Julie.

However, I've messed up again. Karol-Ann and I swapped some fabrics, quite a feat since she is in England and I am in Canada. And I am certain I got the better end of the deal. For my reds, she sent this lovely bundle of nine African fabrics. The day before it arrived, I was on her blog and saw the little change purse and thought, "I should have ordered one..." and there it was too! We have emailed, but I wanted to say "Thank you Karol-Ann" publicly too.

Quilters are thoughtful and generous. I'm so thankful to know Julie and Karol-Ann. You are both favorites. I'm hoping some of your good qualities rub off on me.


sewkalico said...

You are too kind!! I was absolutely thrilled with my end of our swap. We should do it again sometime ;-)

Jeanne said...

Quilters are a special breed of people! What will you make with the fabrics?

TB said...

I think the "better late than never" is so applicable. I received a wonderful thank you note and little gifts from an acquaintance for a box of chocolates I gave her a year ago. It was such a nice surprise, and I did not mind at all that it was a year later. What a nice "thank you" you gave both of them here, on your blog.