Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sunshine Lap Quilt

This one is another UFO finish. It was made from the leftover blocks of a group quilt (see Dayspring...), It is about the right size to put across the knees on those days when this city is the second coldest city in the world! (Last weekend, -46 C)

I decided to use this one for quilting practice also, so quilted different motifs and filler patterns in each square. That was fun and a good idea because practice is helpful yet a six inch square is not too intimidating. It helped me know which motifs are fun and which ones I would rather never do again! Also, this produces a more useful result than practicing on muslin, and uses up orphans and scraps!


Unknown said...

I would like to see the back of your quilt. I am just learning to machine quilt after many years of lap quilting everything.

Today I went out and bought quilt gloves, so tonight I am going to practice.

Kathleen Jones
Pomona, Ca.

Elsie Montgomery said...

Hi Kathleen
The back is a busy fabric so you cannot see the quilting any better than the front. If you send me your email address (or allow it on your profile) I can send you a bigger photo! Practice is really important. I also have some of my quilting books propped in front of me... there are scads of patterns to try.

sewkalico said...

Well done on a lovely finish! Sounds like you had fun with the quilting!