Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hammered I & II

These are my flower-pounding efforts. I've beaded the small one (7" x 9") and am quilting the other one (10" x 12") so you can see that the quilting is very miniscule. It will also have beads. Sorry, my camera is not able to get sharp pictures this close, but if you click on them you can see them a bit better.

I'm naming these two with tong
ue in cheek. I'm also trying to figure out what to do with them. I have a couple of frames, but not sure this is the best way to finish them off. They are so little, and don't really go in my house, so I might find them another home.

Give me your thoughts -- is there a better way t
o display or frame them? I was planning on that no-glare glass but putting them back enough that the glass doesn't touch the piece, but don't know if that will make them too hard to see.
Any other ideas? Little quilts framed is a first for me so I feel unsure of what to do. All suggestions are welcome!


Leah said...

thats a ton of tiny beads! where do you find the patience!!

thanks for your comment on the videos. I have a Canon Powershot G-9, it's just a digital camera with the video function. I wish the microphone was better or that I could get some kind of wired microphone to give them. Both artists were very friendly and glad to talk about their art. It was fun to do and I plan to do more in the future.

To upload the video to blogger takes 20 or 30 minutes, I'm not sure why, so be prepared for that. And unless you have a very fast connection, it may not be feasible to upload videos.

I used Microsoft Movie Maker to 'publish' the video - I was able, for example, to stitch segments together to cut out a few parts and also, for the 2nd video, I had to rotate it 270 degrees so that you could view it normally (since I shot the video with the camera turned sideways).

good luck and let me know when you make your first video!!

Unknown said...

Absolutely beautiful. You do fantastic work. Great color & design.

Thanks for sharing. Very inspirational!


Mary-Kay said...

Nice work! I haven't seen that done anywhere except on some quilting show. Great quilting too! You could take a piece of blackcrackle fabric and make a binding for them and then put them over a canvas frame, like the kind you get at the dollar store.If you do this, make sure you measure the frame first as they are not always the size they say they are. Check out and she does this for her art quilt photos. It's very easy to do too.

Elsie Montgomery said...

Thank you for your comments! And to Mary-Kay, I thought of that after posting. I've seen some who somehow paste the fabric on the canvas and make a collage. Since these are already done, and quilted, I'm glad for the link... which is where I'm headed right now!

Elsie Montgomery said...

Oh Leah, thanks for the tips on making videos. I'm thinking of one of those little cameras, so will do some investigation. As for the time to do all the beads... I watch NCIS reruns! Well, sort of. Since I've seen most of them before, I can stitch while the show is on.

sewkalico said...

Lovely Elsie! I am definitely not the person to ask about framing small quilts (mine always end up too big ;-D)