Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Elaine over at Elaine Adair Pieces asked me about the kaleidoscope ruler in my comment on her blog. The one that I have is designed by Marti Mitchell and will do up to 16" blocks using the marked lines, but you could fudge and easily do 18" blocks. It will also do little ones as small as 6 inches. The ruler looks like this:

Elaine also asked about the quilt that I made with it, which I may never have posted, so here it is. I'd have liked a scrappier version like Elaine's, but this was a class sample so I just bought a bunch of fabric for it. The colors in the photo are not accurate. It is more of a soft purple (think lilac) with soft yellows and pinks.

These are easy, fun, and an excellent stash-buster, much better if not so matchy-matchy, in my opinion.


Elaine Adair said...

Happy Day! Thank you again, for both the quilt photo and the ruler idea. 8-))

Andrea said...

Very, very nice and I love that binding.

SueR said...

I saw Elaine's quilt too, and I think they're both great. Makes me want to try one too. I try not to buy too many specialty rulers if I can make due with something else I already have, but this one would be worth it.