Friday, July 4, 2008

Heart: 9 patch - done!

Finally, after a week's vacation and another week of putting my house in order (as if that will last long - LOL!) I have finished another heart mat for the writer's conference in September. It is about 14" x 14" and a standard pattern, but fun to make. I did the heart shape in CorelDraw X4, printed it and cut it copies in freezer paper. The applique is needle-turn. It takes longer but I like it better than raw-edge, at least on some things. I even hand-quilted around the hearts, but don't look too close. I'm not merely rusty; I've never been good at hand-quilting. Alex Anderson's method works best for me though.

The next heart mat is going to be a confetti-like project. I've never made one using the technique I have in mind, but it will be fun -- and hopefully quicker to get finished and will definitely use up a bunch of bits.


sewkalico said...

Ooohhh! Very nice Elsie!

Rhonda said...

What a cute small quilt. You just gave me another idea. I'm in a mini swap and have made one quilt already but I'm not sure I'm satisfied with I might just borrow your idea if you don't mind. Thanks.

Myra said...

I enjoyed my visit to your blog. You have some wonderful quilt-works here!
Happy stitchings!

TB said...

I love red and white! It's so fresh-looking, isn't it? If your hand quilting is less than perfect, I could not tell!
Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog!