Saturday, June 14, 2008

Five Questions

Fabric Mom, the gal with giveaway Fridays, has these questions on her blog. They seem like a good idea...

What was I doing ten years ago?

We were building a house and getting ready to move in! After moving a zillion times, and 25+ years of marriage, this was the first house we'd ever built. My, how time flies. Our kids had all left home and we had lived in the same city for six whole years, a record for us. (See below). At that time, I had made only a few baby quilts and was working on a queen-size. Now I have finished about 90... of course some are little, most are wall or lap size, and a few queens.

What 5 things are (or were) on my list to do today?

1) Attend a flower-pounding session with the "Fellowship Peacemakers" from our church. Most of us had never tried it before and by the time we were done, the room smelled like silage! LOL. I'll post mine results later. This was noisy but fun.

2) Finish the material I plan to teach Sunday morning (a ladies Bible study class).

3) Pull a few weeds from the garden in the back yard.

4) Exercise for at least 30 minutes (No one groan... this is really my hardest daily to-do item.)

5) Call my daughter for final arrangements for Father's Day. She and our youngest son are taking us golfing. It will be "best ball" for her and I, a pair of duffers who can be really annoying to the more serious golfers in the family.

Snacks I enjoy?

Nuts, chocolate and Hawkins Cheesies (that's why I must exercise), and fruit.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire?

Redo this place or move to a little-care house/yard (or get a couple of houseboys!). I'd like a bigger studio and a smaller kitchen, and after treating family and friends, I'd likely give most of it away. (Don't line up... I've not become a billionaire yet!)

Places I have lived?

Alberta & Saskatchewan in Canada; Alaska, California and Illinois in USA, moved 28 times within those places.

This is supposed to be a tag, but as Fabric Mom said, if you would like to play along too, please do. Just post the answers to these questions on your blog.

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