Monday, October 15, 2007

Kaylee's Garden

After not posting for two weeks, it is time to at least share a finished project. This one is a quilt I made on commission. We had three ladies in our church give birth all in the same month, all girls. I made three quilts for the joint shower.

After a few months, one of these three moved away and we lost touch. A few years later, she called me. She now had another little girl, but her first one liked her quilt so much that sharing it with her new sister was out of the question. Would I make another one for the second daughter?

Of course! I selected the fabrics because they seemed to suit the fair-haired redhead that I was making it for, and would accept payment for only the fabric. Some commissions are just too much fun to be commercial about them.

The quilt is called "The Sun Always Shines in Kaylee's Garden."

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Jeanne said...

That's a very pretty quilt! It feels good when you know the quilt is appreciated and loved by the recipient. Great finish.