Sunday, August 26, 2007

Quilting in the Rocky Mountains

Today we are in Banff. It is misty and cold, but my husband is golfing and I brought my light Janome Jem Gold. (I wish Bernina made one like this?) I will be working on a Cynthia England piece which I call my "insanity quilt" (sorry, Cynthia, but those pieces are so small I may be asylum-ready by the time it is finished)!

This photo is another "insanity quilt" -- my version of Dear Jane. It took three years to make, plus the support of a wonderful group at Earthly Goods. Without them, I may have quit. The blocks are 4.5" square, sashing is narrow with ittsy-bitsy corner squares. This is just the top. I did have it quilted (long arm, turned out nice) but haven't taken another photo yet. More about the worldwide Dear Jane phenomena here.

Funny thing about this quilt -- I learned or practiced almost every piecing technique known, enjoyed the others in that group, and sometimes think (in my weak moments?) that I'd like to make another one. Oh, my!

Actually, the triangles that go around the outside in the original are in my UFO pile. I've designed a smaller quilt that uses all of them, and hope to finish it one of these days.


Joyce said...

I love the colors on this one. THanks for dropping in at my blog.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

A couple friends of mine did the Dear Jane blocks. They are quite intricate even tho they are small. I like your setting choice. I know what you mean about making another. I have done projects that were difficult and time consuming and were glad when they were done, but I almost want to do them again too.

TB said...

Is the quilt in the picture the "insanity quilt"? If so, I can see why it is named such! It is gorgeous though, so worth the insanity!

Thanks for stopping by my blog as well. Keep up the good work!

(I wish too that Bernina made a small light machine for travel.)

sewkalico said...

What a lovely quilt! Well done on perservering and completing it. Enjoy your trip and the golf (seems quite a few quilt-bloggers golf).

Jeanne said...

Elsie your version of Jane is simply gorgeous! I can't wait to see what you are doing with the triangles.

Rose Marie said...

What a refreshing layout for the DJ blocks! Have just found your blog and will be back to visit.

Elsie Montgomery said...

Thanks for all the positive comments. These will boost me when I fall into procrastination! I've put links to your blogs and will be looking often, so even if I've no time to comment, I am enjoying what you are creating and being inspired by it.