Friday, December 8, 2017

Thinking abouut creativity

This time of year is busy for many people, and it can become stressful. I'm thinking that if I look at all that needs to be done, including those extra projects that might be 'nice' to do, and consider them as part of my God-given creativity, they drop off that 'chore' list and go on the 'fun' list. 

Since our kids left home, particularly the youngest one who loved decorating the tree, I've not had much enthusiasm for it. However, a couple years ago someone invited me to the local Festival of Trees and I was impressed by the creativity. I came home and tried some new ideas. This year was the same, and the most amazing thing happened: the tree was up in about 1/3 the time it usually takes. I felt like I just baked and iced a spectacular cake... or stitched and quilted a clever wall hanging. Here is my 30-minute tree. It could use a bit of tweaking, but no one will notice but picky picky me.

Now, back to that king-size. I have one more palm leaf to make and attach! Then a lot of stitching to do.

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Quiltdivajulie said...

The motivator for us to try some different things this year is our 15 month old grandson. Lighted wreaths in almost every room instead of so many table top trees fill my need for seasonal white lights without posing an attractive nuisance for Little Man. And the best part is we both like it better! Here's to the fun of changing up old patterns. Merry Christmas to you!!!!!