Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Being away from my sewing machine for over a month has left me lean and hungry. I did manage to buy a couple yards of fabric at Mary Jo's in Gastonia, NC (a great place) and sew on a button, but that is all. Oh, that was difficult. 

I was going to take a project with me on this trip, then buy a used sewing machine to leave at my daughter's house, but after seeing all the models that Baby Lock has to offer, I knew I would not be able to buy a simple used machine, and if I bought a less-than-simple new one, leaving it behind would also be difficult. 

So instead, I developed a new pattern while my hubby was golfing and my daughter was working. Remember the nativity scene quilt? (Link) I developed and quickly sold this pattern (all that I could make by copyright permission). I'm still getting requests for it, so decided to do a new one, this time not needing copyright permissions that would limit how many I could sell. It isn't quite ready yet, but watch this space! I will have to make the quilt too, but can post a picture of the pattern when it is done. A finish is soon expected. 

For now, the lighthouse quilt (Link) is on the longarm and I am trying to decide how to quilt it, starting with the sky. I could follow the design of the clouds in the sky, or do an allover motif that looks like clouds. Opinions and suggestions are welcome.

Happy New Year!

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Brenda @ Its A Beautiful Life said...

Hi Elsie,

Haven't been to see you in ages.
I still love your cherry tree piece.

We at InScribe were trying to get in touch with you...seems we all have an old email address.

The other day I found an old,old wordpress website still kicking around on the internet. And Ruth Snyder wondered if you'd know about it and who has access to it to remove it.

Here's the url:

Have you seen the new website? It was launched yesterday. same address:

Could you let me know when you have a chance?