Thursday, February 17, 2011

I AM Quilting

Been awhile, but I am quilting. I'm working on something for a dear friend, and although she knows I am, I don't want her to see it yet. So no progress reports. The other UFOs are all on hold.

Instead, I decided to bring a little spring into an otherwise wintery day. It is -20 C here (about -3 or 4 F). This is a "new" amaryllis that I bought last spring. The bulb is small, but look what it is doing! Eight flowers so far, with two buds on top that are hiding from view in this photo. I love the color too. 

Reading blogs, seldom commenting, working late hours, trying to get some things finished, life is filled to overflow mark. Blessings to all!


Exuberant Color said...

Thanks for the photo of the amaryllis blooming. I only had 2 spindly ones this year and none of the previous years' bulbs bloomed.

sewkalico said...

Nice to hear from you! Beautiful flowers - I love red ;-)

Ann Marie said...

I have an Amaryllis that blooms out in the yard every year. I always forget about it until it blooms. I will have to go take a peek to see if it is almost ready.