Monday, March 29, 2010

In a quandry over a circle

These days have been busy with many things, but I am quilting another UFO and it seems to be taking forever. Lots of thread, but I'm liking the results. No photo yet.

So here is a photo of another project. It is from a class and rather ordinary in the choices of colors and fabrics. I want to do something to make it more interesting. I could add beads, or maybe set it in an unusual way. I've sketched all sorts of possibilities, including a sling that holds it suspending like a big ball. This is sitting in my UFO bin because I'm feeling a bit brain-dead about it.

If anyone has any ideas, or links to another way to set a circle besides the ordinary methods, I'd love to see them. Or maybe some sort of addition or color surprise that makes this more snappy. The paper-piecing made the points perfect, but I'm looking for distinctive. Even ideas for off-the-wall ways to quilt it would be helpful. Challenging is okay! 


sewkalico said...

I really like your circle! I have no ideas except, I like it circular and wouldn't want to square it up...

On another note: Guess what arrived today? yes it did!!!! oh my! LOVE them! Thank you!!!!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Since it is a flimsy, what about appliqueing it to a larger rectangle - but off center so that you have plenty of area outside the circle to "quilt as desired" in an unexpected way in contrast to the obvious perfection that is contained within the circle?