Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cheater Quilt & Advice Please?

Our middle grand-daughter (in her mid-twenties) had her second daughter last week, so now we have three great grand-daughters. I have a really cute pattern/fabric for a boy's quilt and waited to see if I could use it. Sigh.

Instead, I bought a panel and whipped this one up this week. I washed it after taking the picture and want to cuddle up in it myself. We hope to see the new babe this weekend.

This other one is Hammered II, one of my two flower-pounded projects. I plan to attach it to this studio canvas (1.5" thick), but now have a question. What do I put on the canvas? Does it need a coat of something just so it will not hold the dust? Would it look better if it were tinted? The quilt background is creamy and the canvas is really white... which is kind of an elegant look, which I prefer to "cute" but I'm not sure if I should just leave it that way. Any opinions and suggestions?

Hammered I will match it, but I've not fringed and finished it yet. The canvas for it is 12 x 12. This one is 12 x 16.

Now if the weeds would just stop, I could get some more of those UFOs finished!

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Twila Grace said...

Hmmm...good question about whether to change the white canvas. Attempting to match the background fabric could be tricky in getting a good match, which leads me to suggest leaving it white. On the other hand, for this one, I'm wondering if it were painted the one of the dark purples, would it look rather nice?