Monday, February 9, 2009

Another learning curve

Ami's quilt is on the frame, and the first little bit was not too bad... quilting in the ditch while holding a ruler to guide the machine feels awkward, but it works. However, when it come to doing some feathers... well, let's put it this way: they are a bit ruffled! Nothing is more humbling than trying to learn a new thing and realizing this is going to take a while!

I did practice on a white board manipulating the marker the same way the machine is moved (well, sort of) and that is a good way to practice. The feathers were not any easier and I just got tired of drawing and erasing. This is a baby quilt after all... and I know, that is no excuse. I will practice some more before I tackle it again. The feathers are on the flying geese, and the fabrics are prints, so if no one turns this to the back... (sigh) No photo, maybe tomorrow.

On a higher note, my daughter liked her gift bag so much that she (and two others at the table) tried to convince me I should go into business and make these for sale. She was really excited about it. Me? I cannot imagine a person with attention deficit sticking at a production line. Even if every bag was from a different set of fabric, my attention span would fold up after maybe four of them! At least it made me feel good.


Exuberant Color said...

If you use a busy print on the back then no one will see your "practice" quilting. You are asking for an observation if you use a plain back. I'm sure it's not as bad as you think it is anyway.

sewkalico said...

High praise indeed on the bag! You just got to keep going and the quilting will get easier!!

Leonna said...

I'm with you on the "production line" type of sewing. I'm good for maybe three or four of the same item then I have to change it up and do something completely different. Love the bag too.

SueR said...

Wanda is right about the backing, but I keep forgetting that. I had a big problem with loops on the back of my last one. I know it's tension, and I think I may have finally fixed it. I have no idea what to do with a ruler yet, so good for you for trying it. I got bored with the white board too, but I keep plugging away at it because you can go through fabric really fast while you're playing.

I like your gift bag too. Are those snaps on the handles or buttons? Interesting way to attach the handles. I've been on a tote bag kick lately, and I'm trying to find ways to attach the handles really well. One of my friends had handles rip out on her--don't want to go there!

LC said...

Hi Sue,
Actually, the handles are sewn into the seams of the bag. The top is turned down into a "cuff" of sorts, and the buttons are attached to hold the handles in an upright position, and to be decorative. This is from a pattern someone lent me. It is really easy. Both fat quarters are pressed on a piece of iron-on stiffener (I used a light one). The handles are cut off the ends, 2" wide, and sewn together. Then that tube is turned right-side-out and the two pieces are put together, sewn with the handles in the right places, and turned.

My biggest decision was deciding which of the two fabrics I wanted on the outside! I will give you the pattern info in an email, if I can find it!