Sunday, March 9, 2008

I am quilting, really

I'm getting sick of looking at the same post, but I am quilting. I've cut from four values (12-16 fabrics) the pieces for a mystery quilt. Nothing is the same size or even multiples of the measurements, so it has me bamboozled. I am looking forward to what this will be. It is a class that my friend and co-teacher is offering. She took my Kaleidoscope session, so now I'm taking hers.

Also, I'm nearly finished some elaborate swirls and shapes on Kaleidoscope 2 (K-2 for short). It has started to suggest placement for beads or jewels, so that is motivating me, but tracing the quilting designs takes forever. The lines are also hard to see on so many different fabrics. I'm doing one area at a time so my quilt pencil/chalk combination doesn't get lost! The quilting is subtle but I'm very happy so far.

I really like K-2 and K-3, and want to make more of these, then the thought came to me --- when I get to K-9, will it turn out to be a dog? (I know, that is pure corn, but it did make me laugh out loud.)

Here is a picture of "Joy Always" a small piece I did for a wedding gift. The symbol is Chinese for 'love' and the couple are very dear to us. The quilting is in gold metallic and shows up better in life. If you double click the picture, you can see it.

I picked the design from a Dover clipart book and figured out the piecing without too much trouble. The back didn't look too pretty when it was done so I gave it another backing, like a lining.

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