Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Getting there...

This charity quilt top is finished. I had several 2.5" x 8" pieces left and decided to join them for the binding. A bit of extra stitching and pressing, but I like it. The picture shows the binding pinned around it. I measured and when I did this, it was about 4' short. So much for my math skills. 

After taking the photo I thought another border done this way would look cool, but shook my head. It is already about 74" x 80" and supposed to be a large cuddle quilt, so it is big enough and my body is protesting the piecing marathon of the last few days. I'll gather batting and cut the backing tomorrow. 

My thought is white for the quilting and I'll use a panto. But white? Boring. If i had time, I'd go look for a variegated with white and those colors. Why do I keep thinking of more work to do!! LOL.

We just came home from two weeks on Vancouver Island. I was afraid I'd be bored, wanting to quilt, etc. but it was a wonderfully relaxing time. Took lots of pictures (more inspiration) and visited friends. Nice to be home yet didn't realize how badly I needed a holiday. We stayed in a lovely suite in a two-story walkout with full kitchen, etc. but I didn't cook once! 


Quiltdivajulie said...

"Why do I keep thinking of more work to do!! " --- the same is SO SO SO true at my house, too. What about a gold thread for quilting instead of white?

Elaine Adair said...

Wow, I've said the very same thing, ".....more work to do", so apparently we all do it with our quilts.

Math skills on binding - some days when binding a big quilt I am sure there have been at least 5 corners bound and yet a 6th and 7th. Takes so long, but I seldom do them by machine - more of "more work to do"! 8-)))

It's still a kewl quilt and yes, variegated would be stunning!