Thursday, December 6, 2018

Heart News

Yesterday was the day. The appointment was in the morning but due to a problem with the person ahead of me, I didn't make it to the table until after 4:00 pm. However, I came out of that room part human and part computer! My pacemaker is hooked up and is now responsible for my pulse. Since it was so low/high/all over the place, the rate is set at 90, to be reduced once a month as my body adjusts. It was a looooooooong day, but the staff at the heart clinic in our city is so accommodating that it was not stressful. Only that I couldn't eat or drink all day! 

The patient next to me came back just before I went out. He kept saying, "I feel so normal." I knew exactly what made him so excited. My heart has not been 'normal' for a long time. I'm thankful for the excellent medical attention, my hubby who stayed with me all day, and to the Lord for getting me in when two times it looked as if I was not going to get this done until January. I had been feeling so crappy (good word) and now am happy to report that I feel so normal! Tired but normal. Wow. Praise the Lord!

Friday, November 16, 2018

Gallery Two is up!

Finally, I am starting to feel good and have some energy. Working on a quilt for a friend, a baby quilt, and maybe have the strength to fix the places where Scott's quilt needs some TLC before he gets it (and you get a photo). Note the link to Gallery Two on the right. It shows quilts 51-100.

Here is a sample, made from a kit by Cynthia England, but that does not mean it was easy! Some of the pieces are smaller than my little fingernail, about 1/4" yet the quilt is a decent size. 

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Top done, two more planned

Since last post, this top is ready to sandwich. My quilt wall and camera fight over blue for some reason, so the top picture gives a better idea of colors. This one is a lap size for a lovely friend who is small. 

The sunlight is bright today, so the blocks on the top right show the color the best.

I made a bunch of 12.5" slabs from my bin of red scraps a few months ago. Twelve of them became my hubby's quilt, which he claimed as soon as he saw the blocks with the background. (Btw, this photo does not do it justice.)

The other slabs sat. I didn't want to buy more fabric so tried a few larger pieces for the sashing without being too happy with them. Yesterday, a friend was here and made suggestions I would not have thought to try. One is using brown for most of the slabs that have a touch of it, and the other is using a bright blue because many of the slabs have a dash of blue. I have twelve with blue in them and sixteen with brown - and one leftover. It amazes me that all this came from a plastic bin that is about 9" x 12" x 14" full of red bits and pieces, and it was not packed full. 

Now the red bin is almost full again and there are eleven more in other colors. Sigh - will I live long enough!!

Incision is healing. Still cannot lay on my left side or do anything that requires lots of energy, but that should change after the next procedure!

Monday, October 22, 2018

Healing and a tiny bit of progress

I'm amazed how much pectoral muscles are used in a zillion ways — realized only when it hurts to use them. However, I've healed enough to sew a bit, stir the stew, work my hair dryer (good thing my hair is short), and put on a pullover. Driving is allowed, but it isn't that much fun, so I've become a hermit. People do call and drop by though, so I'm not twitching or doing anything too weird. Hubby is amazing and even though he is working most days, he is getting better at noticing when I need a hand, like pulling the quilt up to my chin after crawling into bed (need a stool). A friend tells me she had exactly the same problem and procedure eleven years ago and has had more energy in eleven years than she imagined. That sounds promising!

Here are a dozen blocks now ready for sashing. They will finish at 12" and the sashing at 2" — which will be blue. Note that half of these were in the light, half in the shade. The blue square near the middle looks like two different fabrics, but are the same. The sashing is about like that blue. The quilt will be about 44" x 58" which is a nice size for a small woman friend of mine who gets chilly watching TV at night. She loves blue and her living room is cream with touches of blue and yellow. She doesn't know this is coming, so I'm excited to get it finished for her.

We are having Indian Summer with lots of sunny days, cool nights, and happy people. For a few weeks, it seemed we would not have fall at all. Looking forward to more pumpkin stuff and lots of naps. (I slept all day Saturday. Shhh, don't tell anyone.)

Saturday, October 6, 2018


This quilt is finished and will be given away tomorrow. The binding was easy to put on compared to doing one in a batik! 

Don't know why the blues look so washed out and blurry, as this quilt has some nice color to it. Maybe it needs a second attempt in outdoor lighting.

I called it "Blue is not for feeling blue, Blue is for looking up" and already gave the recipient this wonderful quote from Jamie Anderson:

I had a pacemaker put in on September 27 and am often letting pain win over thanksgiving by feeling sorry for myself. However, this is Canada Thanksgiving weekend... and I need to be looking up! The Lord is good and loves me even if I whine, my family is sympathetic and helpful, and the sun is shining.

Still, I cannot quilt for a few weeks nor do much of anything else. Idle is not easy for me!

Making a long thankful list! May your weekend be joyful!

Saturday, September 22, 2018


The binding is on Scott's king-size quilt. Another lap quilt is being bound. I'm not certain about getting anything done for a few days though because September 27 is pacemaker day. 

I've felt rather slow, not too ambitious for the last couple of months and am taking it easy. The pacemaker offers hope for change, but it will not be hooked up for a few weeks after being put in. The reason is that the offending electrical impulses in my heart are in the two upper chambers meaning that they must be zapped to put them out of commission so the lower chambers and the pacemaker can take over. This zapping (ablation) cannot be done until the pacemaker is in and healed, likely in the first part of November. Both procedures are done without anesthetic, just local freezing. 

I've a few tops ready to quilt and can run my longarm using a panto without too much stress. And sewing on binding is a lovely way to pass the time! 

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Progress and another new project

I'm binding Scott's king-size, still trying to figure out what to call it and make a label. 

 In the meantime, I started this one. It is from a pattern by Sarah Ruiz called "Pathfinder." Her version is in solids, very modern layout. I decided to use up blue prints in mostly lights/darks. This is a night photo without a flash - not good for getting true color!

The size was larger than I wanted so dropped a few blocks and changed the layout. It is on my design wall, not yet certain about the layout so it is not stitched. I'm thinking it needs a gentle border too, perhaps 2" or so, but will have to scrounge to find the fabric. These blocks used up almost all of it.

One other thing: I decided to put all the quilts I've ever made unto other pages so have made a start. Click "Gallery" to see the first few dozen. It is fun to revisit them.