Sunday, December 8, 2019

An easy finish • Jungle Stuffies

Here is another charity quilt. I've a pile of panels suitable for children that will go to a charity called Basically Babies. They make layettes that will cover one year, including duds, quilts and blankets and even match colors etc. These go to families in need. This one was fun. I added borders to the panel and had fun with the quilting. It was a Panto called Gingersnap, but I added eyes and ears to the concentric circles and made them look like stuffy faces.

I'm also working on a guild challenge quilt. The first person gets a photo of a landscape and must make a 18" x 24" quilt inspired by the photo. They send a picture of their quilt (not the original photo) and an artist's statement to quilter number two. 

That person makes an 18" x 24" quilt inspired by the photo and statement from quilter #one. They email a photo of their quilt and statement to #three. And on it goes. There are 10 in each group and the resulting 40 quilts will be on display at Quilt Canada next year. This is exciting, sort of like that telephone game aka known as the gossip game. By the end, the last quilt will be a huge departure from the original photo. I'll post a picture when the rules allow it!

Also working on Halo Medallion. All those arcs are finished so need to put them in their blocks and sew them on... then decide what to do next.

Thursday, November 21, 2019


Nosebleed is no more. See comment on last post. Now I'm feeling good and not afraid of it going at it again. Thanks for your care and prayers!

This is a finish, a charity quilt. I went to a guild sewing day and was handed a pile of fabric again to "take it home and make something." Santa squares, other squares with birds and bird fabric, and some red plaid flannel. Apparently these were donated to the guild some time ago and no one wanted to tackle them. I'm naive. I took the pile and this is the result. I bought the red ribbon otherwise the birds just took over. They are still a bit much, kind of like the swirling flocks in that Alfred Hitchcock movie, but Santa is happy and someone will like this quilt.

I'm nearly finished the skinny tree so a picture soon. Also working on that Halo Medallion. All the paper-pieced arcs are a tedious chore, but nearly done. More soon on that one too.

Hopefully, the year will end well. I'm not a Santa person, but am looking forward to celebrating Christmas and baking cookies!

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Major setback 

Yes, I'm quilting... but slowly and not very often. Major setback this past week with gushing nosebleed that would not stop. Trip to ER, taken in immediately, could not slow it down never mind stop it. Had to have it packed. Painful beyond description plus instant sinus headache. Pain killers did not work. Friday the packing was taken out, but that didn't feel good either. My head is still full of blood clots and mucus. Couldn't breathe through left side until yesterday. Sleeping good, 13 hours on Friday night. This has been NO FUN AT ALL, but I did sew a bit yesterday and today. Three quilts on the go. Progress report later. Great doctors, and God had a reason for the long wait in ER the second time. If interested, the spiritual purpose of all this is on my other blog. It really blesses me to know that the Lord uses even this for good!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Which Way to Dinner?

This finish is about 32" x 40" and made of the leftovers from one that I cut out and made the blocks before deciding to change it (link). It was a great size to practice quilting on, both ruler and free-motion. To my eye, the quilting was clumsy but after it is finished, it looks okay.

Then off to a guild sew day on Saturday and was given 13 blocks and a bunch of fabric to 'make the top.' This is another charity project. Of course the blocks are not all the same size and none of them have points in the right place on the outside edges, but it is starting to look better than I feared. The setting squares will be yellow not dark like the two in the photo. I'll add a white border and make binding out of the leftover print so it will be varied around the outside and nicely frame it.

Thursday, October 3, 2019

I've been busy. . .

I cannot believe the last post was more than a month ago. But I have been busy. I'm working on a charity quilt and one for my living room wall. 

The charity quilt is small so will likely wind up in one of those silent auctions where people either go big and buy a week in the Bahamas, or want something small for a gift. 

The living room is getting an original. We bought new furniture including a long, low TV stand. Not wanting to put it on the wall meant it dropped below the electrical outlet and cable receptacle on the wall that had been hidden. Rumor has it we are getting a bigger TV but in the meantime, I wanted to hide those two little white boxes. So I designed a long skinny tree with dark background and bare branches. I sewed the background together on my machine but the tree is applique. Several more football games and it will be done. No photo except a "before" one... that I cannot find. Sigh.

This past week I made a list of all the kits, patterns, planned projects, etc. and the number was large. So I used one of those 'compare and prioritize' charts. It resulted in a list of what I'd like to get done and in what order. For some reason, this makes me feel better even though it is a bit overwhelming. Too much fabric, too many ideas, no personal assistant! Here is a photo of the one that made 'first to finish' at the top of the list. 

Below is the finished version from the pattern, but because it is a medallion, I can stop when I want to, or when I run out of fabric. My version is paler and prettier than it looks in the above picture. I'm not sure I want to do all those HST, pinwheels, and flying geese, but will finish the FPP arcs.  They are easy and very pretty.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Getting there...

This charity quilt top is finished. I had several 2.5" x 8" pieces left and decided to join them for the binding. A bit of extra stitching and pressing, but I like it. The picture shows the binding pinned around it. I measured and when I did this, it was about 4' short. So much for my math skills. 

After taking the photo I thought another border done this way would look cool, but shook my head. It is already about 74" x 80" and supposed to be a large cuddle quilt, so it is big enough and my body is protesting the piecing marathon of the last few days. I'll gather batting and cut the backing tomorrow. 

My thought is white for the quilting and I'll use a panto. But white? Boring. If i had time, I'd go look for a variegated with white and those colors. Why do I keep thinking of more work to do!! LOL.

We just came home from two weeks on Vancouver Island. I was afraid I'd be bored, wanting to quilt, etc. but it was a wonderfully relaxing time. Took lots of pictures (more inspiration) and visited friends. Nice to be home yet didn't realize how badly I needed a holiday. We stayed in a lovely suite in a two-story walkout with full kitchen, etc. but I didn't cook once! 

Monday, July 29, 2019

Charity Quilt

Wow, how can the weeks fly by? I am quilting. This is on my design wall. Not sure if it will be bigger as there is more fabric, but I'm thinking it should have a white border then a colored one with rectangles and squares. It is a guild quilt. Fabric was donated and I was supposed to finish it a long time ago, but was granted a pass!

I've not fiddle with block placement yet and can see from this photo that I need to move a few of them. It needs vertical sashing and a white border, then maybe more color, another white, and binding. Not decided yet. No name either, but that will come. It is about 64" x 74" so far.

We are having an up/down summer. It was 31C here last Tuesday and 11C the next morning. Rain, sun, wind, no wind -- it's keeping everyone guessing. However, no forest fires filling the air with smoke like last summer.