Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Mystery Quilt - in more ways than one!

I'm just plugging away on Cobblestone Lane, and on TQS's BOM. However, after doing a little surfing, I found these neat links. The last one isn't about quilting, but it is very cool!

Here's one from years ago that I made for a new nephew. It was a mystery quilt, obviously a friendship star. His mom figured it was too nice to use -- so she put it in storage. He is almost a teen now, and the quilt has never been used... and likely will not be since they moved to the Cayman Islands and who needs a quilt there! Sigh!!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Slow Going

Cobblestone Lane (or whatever I wind up naming it) is going slow, mainly because those blocks have no 'one size fits all' quilting design. Each one is a puzzle and my experience is not extensive on this sort of quilt. However, it it happening... slooowly! I'm into the second row of blocks so have done about one third.

My side table has a pile of fabric to make a BOM, the one from The Quilt Show designed by Sue Garman. It is a medallion that could be any size, depending on when you stop adding rounds. I like her design, colors, except the red borders that too me are too much contrast. After much thought, I decided to give it a go with softer colors in taupe with some yellowish and greenish tossed in. The entire thing is paper-pieced, which is one of my favorite techniques and one reason for the decision to make it. The other is that Sue Garman passed away a few weeks ago. I have never met her, but for some reason shed some tears and wanted to do this because of her.

On the back burner collecting fabric and courage
  • King-size for son Scott, who wanted a beach scene landscape. I drew the scene, had it enlarged full size (cost about $50) and am staring at it in fear and trepidation.
  • King-size for daughter Karen, who wanted a minimalist 'subway tile' look in using dark to light shades of taupe. I have 1-2 more fabrics to find, a dark and a light.
  • Several baby quilt panels to make for Basically Babies
  • And prep for Quilts of Valour sewing bee near the end of this month... which I'm hosting and our Canadian past-president is working with me. We did this in Nov/2015 and had a wonderful time. Even presented a quilt to a PTSD soldier and his buddy who stayed most of the day and help the volunteers cut out fabric. 
  • And about a dozen project boxes with patterns/fabrics ready to go
  • And about three dozen 'I'd like to' patterns, some with fabrics or in kits
Now I need to make supper... that list makes me feel a bit weak...

Monday, January 23, 2017

Cobblestone Lane on the longarm

Finally Cobblestone Lane is on the longarm. I'm still not sure of how to quilt all the parts, but so far have used in-ditch, 1/4" parallel lines, and some curves.

That cord has children's scissors attached. I put them around my neck when at work. Some use an apron with pockets for their various tools, but this works better for me. The thing that isn't working is my body -- doing ruler work makes my shoulders sore -- at least until I remembered to put some tape on them so they don't slide as easily.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Floating Red Slabs pieced

This one is now ready to quilt. I've planned rectangle spirals (not the right term but you know what I mean) on the blocks and three parallel wavy lines in the sashing. Simple. 

I've enough slabs leftover for at least two more quilts. This is from a small box of scraps — and I am still astonished. Don't throw them away!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Floating Red Slabs

Happy New Year!

Every spare minute over the past couple of weeks I've been sewing slabs of reds, mixed with mostly reds and a few oddities that have red in them. There are now enough 12.5 x 12.5 blocks to make two, maybe three quilts. 

I tossed a few colors on the floor and tried the red slabs on them. Black was harsh, white not too interesting, but my hubby loved this one, and I think I do too. It is a bit darker and more dramatic than the photo. I'll make one with this print in likely a 2" sashing which makes the blocks look like they are floating. I've a plan for one with a lighter background but don't have the fabric selected yet.

All of these blocks came from a small plastic tote of scraps. I am amazed. I may have said this already, but one friend tosses all her scraps. I was thinking of these being charity quilts, but my hubby has already claimed the first idea for himself. He says he needs one for his occasional naps!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Emma's Jams Finished

We (me and the friend who made most of it) are calling this quilt Emma's Jams for the inspiration and "Shabby Chic" for the way it turned out. Those cute pj's were almost impossible to quilt hence the shabby part, but chic because this one turned out so cute. 

I'm aware that stabilizer would have prevented some of the 'crawl' in the double knits and silk, but it would have spoiled the look my friend wanted. She is totally happy with the way it turned out. I feel somewhat humbled (my perfectionist side) but totally delighted that this one is unique, very cuddly, and finished. It will be gifted on Sunday and mom will send pictures of her teen's reaction. Sorry, I had no place to put it to get a better photo. It is a large twin size. The colors are close, but not quite right... and it is square and flat!!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Emma's Jams

This quilt has a long story to go with it. I'll save that for the 'finished' photo. Right now, it is on my longarm. That was not the plan. The friend who made most of it ran out of time and asked me to quilt it. Good thing. Most who have a quilting business may have refused. It is thick, stretchy, and entirely cute. 

This shows the end I've left to finish. A real challenge? Yes, but totally delightful.