Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Competition Quilt ??

It is hard to post when the quilt I'm working on is for a competition, and I don't know who is looking at this blog... could be the judge who isn't supposed to know who does what??? 

Anyway, here is a small peek, just to let you know that I am doing SOMETHING. It is applique, piecing, foundation paper piecing, and this shows a small section. I am having FUN. More later, when it is allowed...

In the meantime, any guesses?

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ready to finish...

Here are the better photos, as promised. The first one shows the correct color, and the second one, with "brilliant sunlight" from the overhead light, shows the quilting. 

I plan to sew a facing to the edges and mount it on a stretcher frame.

Thursday, February 27, 2014


Finally, the quilting is done and it is blocked, but not trimmed. Don't ask what the white thing is... I had just enough time to snap one picture and write this short post before heading to the kitchen.

A better shot soon, I promise!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I'm still quilting the lighthouse, but nearly done. It needs some detail work done on my DM after it comes off the longarm, particularly on the lighthouse.

I just entered a contest on Keepsake Quilting sponsored by Quilters Club of America. There are 50+ prizes, the main one being a 20-year supply of fabric! Here is the link to enter the CONTEST. If you win, send me a fat quarter (grin).

Friday, February 7, 2014

Panel quilts?

Does every quilter have a guilty feeling about making a quilt using a printed design? I don't. Every now and then, life either becomes so complicated that I just want to make something very easy, or a baby shows up and a quilt needs to be made right now.

This one falls into the first category. I won't go into my tales of woe, but live is difficult right now, and this cheerful little panel gave me pleasure with its bright colors
and innocent motifs.

It will go to an organization in our city called the Zebra Child Protection Centre.
This marvelous groups works with our city police to take care of, support, and make safe children who are victims of abuse, neglect and crime. They have a place where the children can feel at home, and a selection of things for each one to "take your pick." This includes basics like toothpaste and towels, but it also includes games, toys, and quilts. I am a big fan of the Zebra Centre, and because this cheerful panel has a zebra on it, this seems a logical home.

Now, confess... do you make quilts from printed panels? and just don't tell anyone? Or am I now about to be scorned as not a "real" quilter?

NOTE: The original title for this post seems to be a magnet for spam (lots of it) so I changed it, kept getting spam, so I deleted it. I also removed the link to the Zebra Centre in case that was the attraction. This is a copy of the original which was posted December 4, 2007.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Slow Progress is better than no progress!

This quilt is still "in process" but the time I can spend on it is very enjoyable. I love this kind of freedom and do much better with it than more formal motifs. The full view is posted earlier, so check that out here.

I've finished down to the rocky embankment in the scene, minus the lighthouse which still needs to be done, and the trees that can be seen on the right in the first photo.

Also needed is some stitching on the grass patch and a bit more overhanging on the edge of the embankment. I'm motivated because of another project that has a deadline, but this one needs to be finished first.

------------------------ XXX -------------------------

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Slow progress

Yesterday I began quilting the sky in this quilt, a landscape with a lighthouse. It is sort of a scribble pattern. The example in my book is even and regular, but my mind can't seem to do repetition. I think more like jazz than chords or toe-tapping. Anyway, it is started.

It seems that my biggest procrastination is not so much picking a quilting motif as the fear that my lack of skill will mess it up. Translation: I need more practice. That seems to be impossible right now. I should have a practice sandwich on the long arm all the time. For this, I mounted the quilt a bit to the right and put a practice piece on the left to try my threads, etc. so maybe that will help.

Another project is on the wall. This one is for a competition, so I'm not going to reveal all of it, only enough to say that the photo on the right is one front leg of a horse. You can see the pattern for the other front leg to the left of it. I'm making it in a combination of foundation paper-piecing and applique. So far, this is lots of fun! The pattern is my own design, sort of. I have permission from a wonderful artist to use his paintings as design ideas for my quilts.

We had a month holiday in SC and that was a good rest. Now I'm back at full-time studies and trying to squeeze in time to quilt and other artistic endeavors. Actually, this changes concentration from one side of the brain to the other and works well as a break... beats cleaning and other housework. My reasoning? How can the house get dirty when I'm on the computer all day?!