Friday, February 14, 2020

Looking forward

Thanks to all for kind comments regarding my situation. Had the worst nosebleed ever and the doc in the ER and I decided it was time to permanently stop taking the blood thinner. It only lessens the chance of a clot/stroke by 5% and I'd rather not spend the rest of my life with a nosebleed nearly every day, or having it packed to stop it. Painful!

My sister's Celebration of Life service was amazing. If such an event can be called glorious, this one was. It honored her, glorified God who gifted her, and produced both tears and joy, mostly joy. We had a wonderful family time after that could only be described as a God-thing. She wanted this for her funeral and the Lord answered our prayers "exceedingly abundantly above all we could ask or imagine." I'm so grateful for this and for her life well-lived.

In all the stuff going on during the past few weeks, I've tried to get a few stitches in each day. It does not make for even, smooth work, but this is getting done.

Some of my next projects include these little piles of fabrics for baby quilts laying on the bed in our guest room. Nine show, but there are about thirteen. All will go to Basically Babies. a remarkable charity that does layettes for needy families.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Slowly, slowly

I now understand those who quilt for therapy in a loss or pain. These are busy days and I'm having trouble with focus and that "Be still and know that I am God" thing that is so true but often difficult with a million thoughts and memories crowding into my head. I miss my sister yet cannot believe she is gone. I am sad for me and others in our circle of family and friends as she was such a unique and wonderful person, but happy for her as I know she is with Jesus. Put the memories into the mix and no wonder all I want to do is sleep! But quilting helps.

Here is the progress on Halo Medallion. It looks okay, lots of ruler work, but the best part is the above stew of thoughts seem to settle down when I work on it. Might be that concentration is required, but nothing else does it, for me anyway.

I've had nosebleeds again. Started on the weekend. Had to miss church. Woke up at 4 am bleeding until 6 am. I did all the doctors said. Finally slept at 7 until 10 am and then it started again as soon as I gently touched my face. Remembered an old trick that I heard from a doctor -- slapped the bottom of the foot on the opposite side of the bleeding nostril -- really hard, a couple of times. The bleeding stopped instantly and has been okay since then. It is now 2:30. I want to sleep, but think that is a false signal. I need to quilt... I miss my sister.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Heaven's gain...

My sister died early this morning. She is with Jesus, for which I rejoice even in great sorrow. For more about her, see my other blog. This is the quilt that I made for her and she gave back to me... She had it in her home and painted her dining room wall to set it off. Oh my, I'm missing her already.


Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Two kinds of 'cold' and other issues...

The past few weeks have been challenging. My hubby caught a cold (rare) and about the third day nearly passed out. ER couldn't find the cause. Nasty cough and now much better. About 3 days behind him, I got it, no passing out, nasty cough though and now nearly better. My sister's hip healed nicely but other things are happening. Not good. She may not survive. We are praying and hoping to be well soon so we can go see her.

Our son and his gal are in the Philippines and left Lake Taal just before the volcano erupted. He is so thankful they got out of there. No wonder I felt prompted often to pray for their safety.

Our oldest son is working north, was -48C (-55F) there all day yesterday. And it is -30 C here (-22F). Praying for his safety too. Global warming anyone?

However, I did get the final borders on this medallion. I like it. The next thing is deciding how to quilt it. The binding is ready... look on the right side to see a short strip preview. This quilt took forever, mostly procrastination. Also, my mind works this way: we were supposed to be in FL for the past two weeks and had that happened, I would not be working on it anyway, so I didn't... at least until I got sick of looking at it unfinished. It is about 60" square.

Our home is warm, hubby doesn't need to go to work, we have lots of groceries, and it is supposed to hit -36 here tomorrow then warm up to -25 the next day. Positively balmy!

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

This border took forever...

Foundation paper piecing is a favored technique -- repetition is not. Thirty-six of these blocks nearly made me decide to quit this project and go fishing (or shopping). Anyway, they are done, on the center, and waiting for an idea of what to do with the rest of it. I don't want to make the full quilt as the rest of the borders are more of the same... bitty pieces that take forever. I'm thinking something plain and calling it a lap quilt. Colors are a bit off in this photo but you get the idea. That last border has 916 pieces in it. The geese are about 1 1/8" across the widest part.

It's been a rough week. We had a lovely Christmas Day then late in the evening received the news that my sister fell about 3 pm and broke her hip. She was taken to hospital and had surgery the next day. She has other problems - forgets words and slowly become unable to communicate. She is aware, just can't remember how to talk or do some other things. She is 3 plus hours from us. We planned to go down, but hubby picked up a nasty cold virus right after Christmas and he sounds awful. Doc said his lungs are okay. We were supposed to travel soon, but he is thinking we should cancel. The last time he got sick nearly did him in as he has a compromised immune system and this cold could lead to something worse. Lots of chicken soup and naps happening here!

If I don't get back on for a day or two, Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 8, 2019

An easy finish • Jungle Stuffies

Here is another charity quilt. I've a pile of panels suitable for children that will go to a charity called Basically Babies. They make layettes that will cover one year, including duds, quilts and blankets and even match colors etc. These go to families in need. This one was fun. I added borders to the panel and had fun with the quilting. It was a Panto called Gingersnap, but I added eyes and ears to the concentric circles and made them look like stuffy faces.

I'm also working on a guild challenge quilt. The first person gets a photo of a landscape and must make a 18" x 24" quilt inspired by the photo. They send a picture of their quilt (not the original photo) and an artist's statement to quilter number two. 

That person makes an 18" x 24" quilt inspired by the photo and statement from quilter #one. They email a photo of their quilt and statement to #three. And on it goes. There are 10 in each group and the resulting 40 quilts will be on display at Quilt Canada next year. This is exciting, sort of like that telephone game aka known as the gossip game. By the end, the last quilt will be a huge departure from the original photo. I'll post a picture when the rules allow it!

Also working on Halo Medallion. All those arcs are finished so need to put them in their blocks and sew them on... then decide what to do next.

Thursday, November 21, 2019


Nosebleed is no more. See comment on last post. Now I'm feeling good and not afraid of it going at it again. Thanks for your care and prayers!

This is a finish, a charity quilt. I went to a guild sewing day and was handed a pile of fabric again to "take it home and make something." Santa squares, other squares with birds and bird fabric, and some red plaid flannel. Apparently these were donated to the guild some time ago and no one wanted to tackle them. I'm naive. I took the pile and this is the result. I bought the red ribbon otherwise the birds just took over. They are still a bit much, kind of like the swirling flocks in that Alfred Hitchcock movie, but Santa is happy and someone will like this quilt.

I'm nearly finished the skinny tree so a picture soon. Also working on that Halo Medallion. All the paper-pieced arcs are a tedious chore, but nearly done. More soon on that one too.

Hopefully, the year will end well. I'm not a Santa person, but am looking forward to celebrating Christmas and baking cookies!