Thursday, May 7, 2015

Sea foam and Snow

Now that my degree program is officially finished (graduation is May 15), I have more time to do some quilting. Here is a simple design made from my stash, now on the machine. The quilting will be done today. It is about 80" square and will likely go to Quilts of Valour. The quilting pattern is like ocean waves, so it is "Sea foam."

And this is what I woke up to yesterday morning. It snowed all day, but started to melt in the late afternoon, so now it is just very wet out there! We need the moisture. Today the sun is shining even though the temperature is chilly.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Nearly Done...

The Lord of the Rings quilt is getting its binding. I made a cute little foundation paper-pieced hen with chick. I also have my eye on a modern design with pieces and fabric on the design wall. However, I've two weeks left in my Master's degree (sweat, perspire, headaches, sore back, whine, whine) then graduation May 15. So, after cleaning up those places in my house that I've tried to hide for the last couple of years, I am going to quilt!

Photos later. I'm busy...

Monday, April 6, 2015

HQ Avante -- it works

Finally got this new quilt machine set up. It took my hubby and I three days of being able to work on it only during our spare time. However, I know now why the dealer wanted mega-bucks to come and do it for me. 

BUT it is up, level, solid as can be, and I just had to try it... with something quick and easy. I dug into my piles of this and that and found a panel, loaded it using leader grips, and put the only panto I had that would be suitable (I have no kid-pantos) and did it, in a couple of hours or less. I think I am in love. Anyone looking for a longarm needs to check out this machine. 

Sorry, the photo isn't the best -- it is hanging crooked and I'm always in a hurry. BUT in only needs a label and a binding to be finished. This is the quickest wall hanging ever. Now... onward to bigger and better things!

Friday, March 20, 2015

I have reasons...

This is the picture I put on Kijiji...

Three days later, this is the way that corner looks... 
I had five calls and three people wanting it... 
got a good price and am happy, as was the buyer...

This is the other corner....

My hubby (and all-around handy person) is golfing in AZ 
so I am quilting rug mugs on my DSM 
and anxiously waiting for him to get home 
and help me assemble the upgrade... 
which is somewhat intimidating 
as it came in eight heavy boxes... 
he did open some as the contents were easier to move 
from the front door to my studio without the boxes. 
What a good guy!

Until this is assembled, 
there will be not much action. 
My dealer says, "Make more tops" -- 
but I have too many UFOs now!

Hopefully you will soon see a finished top!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

February Fun

This table runner is for a friend who lives nearby. It went together in a few days and is quilted with a simple in the ditch. She was delighted with it.

for Margo

The next one is a group challenge. We were supposed to find a face and 'mess with it.' I've called this one "Layers" in reminder of the only book I've ever read that when finished the first time, I turned it over and read it again. It is Encouragement by Larry Crabb, and talks about the way we put up layers to keep people from seeing the real me. I love this little quilt and feel as if I've always owned it. Odd, but true.


Saturday, February 7, 2015

How cool is that?!

We are now home from a month in Arizona... where I had the neatest experience. I've made two quilts that were inspired by the art of Bob Coonts. By email, he gave me permission to do this. Since he lives in Colorado, we had never met.

Every January, the large art shows start in Scottsdale. We have gone to them a couple times and decided to go again. I took my daughter and her hubby with the intention of buying them a small art piece for their new home, and for her birthday (which I did).

We parked, got inside and paid at the desk and I turned around toward the first booth/display... it was Bob Coonts! I introduced myself and he remembered me. We talked for a long time. He is a very nice man and pleased that his work was inspiration for my work. I was so delighted to meet him. I would love one of his pieces, so am planning to give him a commission for a size/subject I can afford. The show lasts until the end of March, so if he works on site, who knows... maybe my hubby can pick it up on his annual golf trip.

Here are the two quilts inspired by his paintings. Bob's originals are on his website.

Paint Chip Pony


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

No more orphan blocks

From classes and experiments and such, I had about 30 orphan blocks (that I could find) so brought them with me on our holidays (and a sewing machine). While hubby was golfing, I sewed them pillowcase style into mug rugs. Some still need the opening for turning sewed up, and they all need a bit of quilting. 

My daughter picked two already. She lives in a humid climate and loves them for soaking up the sweat from a cold glass on a hot day. I've a few ideas of where to send the rest. They are an odd batch though!

I also brought a small quilt to sew, but so far no progress. We are having too much fun. We leave for home in three days, so it will go back the way it came.