Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Mmm. . . Music & Motorcycles. . . Enjoy!

My hubby has many 'passions' including flying and golf. He also has a motorcycle and recently bought an electric piano. He played piano in his teens and is getting back into it. The keyboard needed a cover so when I discovered this panel on sale at Hancocks-Peducah, I could not resist. 

The problem was the length. After praying, this great idea popped into my head -- put racing flag design on each end AND use fabric with music symbols on it.

I gathered my supplies Saturday and sewed whenever I could -- until Monday. It was finished it in time to get to bed and sleep a few hours before his plane landed around midnight. (He was in San Diego golfing). He's happy and I enjoyed this project -- quick and easy. The detail photo shows that this panel is really sharp!