Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Pattern Status

Nativity quilt #2 is finished, and the instructions are nearly done. Christmas week is not the best time for this task! However, I've already received some orders even though I've not decided the price. 

I've a question. One person asked if the pattern could be sent digitally. I thought about that and wanted to try it. Since the pattern is about 30 x 60" my biggest concern is whether it could be printed full size from a .pdf file. Happily, it can. It takes about 20 letter-size sheets of paper. Each sheet has registration marks so they can be easily lined up to trace every pattern piece on fusible.

Staples will print the pattern that big, but if I mail paper patterns, it adds that printing to the cost, as well as the postage. (Printing a pattern that size is about $5 CD) This might be the best for those who don't want to print it out themselves, but more expensive in the total price.

The other drawback of digital is that I have less assurance about my copyright being honored. Once the file is out there, unscrupulous people could easily give it to others or re-sell it. I know that most quilters are honest folk, but it could happen.

Any thoughts and suggestions about digital patterns would be appreciated. If you don't want to make a public comment, email me privately. epm dot mail dot 444 at gmail dot com. Thanks for whatever advice offered!

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