Saturday, October 15, 2011

Who needs sleep?

After Wayne's Trunk Show, I had to get on my computer and play with some nine patches. I'd made a small mat a few years ago from leftover HSTs and just picked two nine patches at random from it. Don't know if Wayne has done these configurations, but it was definitely fun. In the one on the right, some of the HSTs needed to be recolored to make the medallion effect. 

Only problem is that I started it late and didn't get to bed. Maybe I'll call these designs, "With Eyes Propped Open I and II."

For those not familiar with what Wayne does, I drew a nine-patch (used CorelDraw) and rotated, flipped, etc. until I liked it. Changing colors would create more variations. The quilts look complicated, but the blocks are simple. I've already too many UFOs but if God permits sewing machines in heaven, eternity should be long enough....


Wayne Kollinger said...


I like them both. But especially the first one.

I feel like I'm watching a magic trick and I know how the trick is done but I'm amazed anyway.

I know you simply repeat a simple block to make the design but I can't help seeing a complex quilt.

Ann Marie said...

I really like that first one as well. Will have to bookmark this page, and put it on my, might make it someday list. :D Thanks for sharing another great design, I love what Wayne does.

LC said...

Thanks. It would be fun to tinker with colors on these designs and see what happens. This is sort of like snowflakes...not two are alike and there are zillions of possibilities. SIGH... Life is too short....!

Margo in Maine said...

Adorable...Margo in Maine