Thursday, March 17, 2011

Still Stitching

Oh, I'm swamped. We are going to put hardwood down in the room where I've had my craft table, stash (in the closet) and two storage cupboards for sewing, quilt bats and other projects. All of the stuff has to come out and be stored elsewhere. When the floor is done, my desk goes in and all the quilt stuff goes in the big studio where my desk is now. This is a giant overhaul. I'm doing a bit each day and am really tired. All that keeps me going is the vision of what it will be like when finished. All my sewing in one room!

However, I'm a tidy-saver, meaning lots of stuff, too much stuff, nicely stored, but too much of it. Deciding what to keep and what gets purged is big-time difficult. I will not live long enough to make use of all the inspiration that is lined up in those shelves. Any tips? My granddaughter says she'll do it for me, but that is scary!

This photo is a quilt I made for her when she played soccer. It is in the team colors. Everyone wanted one at the time. She is now waiting for me to finish her Cherry Tree quilt (picture to the far right on this page).

As for the current other project, I'm busy putting cording in some seams (elaborate surprise quilt). It is coming, but will be a few weeks... 


Peg said...

Oooh - a 'new' sewing room - how nice - will you share pictures when it's all done. Love the 'soccer' quilt!

Brenda Leyland said...

What a great quilt... it's striking.