Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Animated Blocks

I am working on it daily, but still cannot publish my latest WIP in case the recipient is peeking. This needs to be a total surprise. 

However, I do have an interesting link for you. It is a short film with moving traditional quilt blocks set to music. Starts out a bit boring, but builds interest as it goes. Here is the LINK. This photo is a child's quilt that I made a few years ago. One segment of this film reminded me of it.

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Margo in Maine said...

This post is funny as I have a wall hanging that is a 'mystery' and cannot be posted until May called Christmas Fantasy....I was thinking in the last few days I should not have done it then I saw yours...(smile)...our group ...about 20 of us are doing it...I will check out the link....also like this quilt you did...interesting border.